Commemorative coin "The Thousand and one nights"

Put into circulation on 22 December 2006

S.Nekrasova (Belarus)
Minted by:
The Mint of Poland PLC., Warsaw, Poland

Commemorative coin "The Thousand and one nights", obverse, silver, 20 rubles | National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Commemorative coin "The Thousand and one nights", reverse, silver, 20 rubles | National Bank of the Republic of Belarus
Silver, Alloy standard of silver: 925
Denomination: 20 rubles
Weight of coin, g: 28.28
Fine silver content, g: 26.16
Quality: "uncirculated", The coins is oxidized with an inset of artificial transparent crystal
Diameter, mm: 38.61
Mintage, pcs.: up to 20,000
Sale prices:
· without box – 30 rubles 75 copecks
· in box – 32 rubles 17 copecks

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The coin is round. The edge of the coin is plain. Surface of the coins is oxidized.

Obverse: at the bottom – a relief effigy of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; in the center – at the background of a starry sky there is an image of a boy and a girl holding an opened book; beneath – year of issue; inscriptions along the rim: at the top – "РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ" (REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), at the bottom – "ДВАЦЦАЦЬ РУБЛЁЎ" (TWENTY ROUBLES).

Reverse: at the top along the rim – inscription " Тысяча і адна ноч "; in the center – a dome–shaped arch inside which it is entered ornamental fragment of a ceiling of a palace of Caliph, with an insert from artificial transparent crystal of blue colour, behind arch windows – fantastic landscapes; below – on a background of east city of the image most frequently met subject characters of east fairy tales: an amphora, the carpet – plane, a camel and the snake; at the left – a landscape of night East city; on the right – a musical instrument – domra, a tree, birds. At turn of a coin on 180° instead of arches and landscapes we shall see the person of east woman in a veil with rich ornamental ornate.