List of Commemorative Coins to Be Put into Circulation in 2019

(in accordance with Board Resolution No. 569 dated December 3, 2018)

  • Coins "Justice Agencies of Belarus.100 years"
  • Coins "Brest. 1000 years"
  • Coins "The 2nd European Games 2019. Minsk"
  • Coins "Summer sports. Tennis"
  • Coins "The 75th Anniversary of Belarus’s Liberation from Nazi Invaders"
  • Coins "Stanislav Moniushko. 200 years"
  • Coins of the "Nature Reserves" Series:
    • "Reserve Zvanets"
  • Coins of the "Belarusian Folk Trades and Crafts" Series:
    • "Wood cutting"
  • Coins of the "Chinese Calendar" Series:
    • "Year of The Rat"
  • Coins "The World through Children’s Eyes. 2019"
  • Coins of the "Bird of the Year" Series:
    • "Greater Spotted Eagle"
  • Coins of the "Architectural Heritage of Belarus" Series
  • Coins "Day of Angel"
  • Coins "Eurasian Economic Union. 5 years"