Information Statement

Coins Collectors of 8 Countries Attend the International Conference in Minsk

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus holds the 8th International Numismatic Conference. In the current year the theme of the conference is consolidated by the motto ‘Preserving the Past we are Building the Future’.

More than 70 representatives of large museums and central banks, as well as leading scholars-numismatists and researchers in the area of money circulation history and mintage of 8 countries – Armenia, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Poland, Russia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Belarus – take part in the conference. The international numismatic forum is held in the Training Center of the National Bank (Raubichi settlement near Minsk).

"Provision of support to the numismatic movement in Belarus is one of the elements of the state policy aimed at preserving and multiplying historical heritage of our country" underlined Sergei Kalechits, Deputy Chairman of the Board. He continued, "In this area the dialogue is especially important having regard to the common regional history and urgency of scientific and cultural relations of our country with the international community."

In the course of the plenary meeting and at the sessions the issues of money circulation and financial institutions history are considered. The topics of reports include, in particular, examination of historic findings in the territory of modern Belarus, covering more than a millenary period of money circulation, scientific research and description of coins hoards, and urgent problems of numismatic monuments protection. The intermediate results of the scientific analysis of the museum collection of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, which includes more than 52 thousand show-pieces, were disclosed at the conference.

The issues of the National Bank’s commemorative coins, which were created based on the theme of historic and cultural heritage, were introduced to the conference participants as well. About ten series of coins dedicated to historic events, personalities, and national traditions were put into circulation. With a view to commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Belarusian book-printing, which was celebrated in our country in the current year, the National Bank issued the series of six commemorative coins "Skaryna’s Way". Traditionally, the Belarusian commemorative coins are awarded high assessments at the prestigious international contests.

The international numismatic conference has been carried on by the National Bank in association with the Non-governmental Organisation "Belarusian Numismatic Society" since 2003 and is an important event in the numismatic movement of the Central and Eastern Europe.