Foreign Direct Investments

Foreign direct investments are a category of cross-border investment associated with a resident in one economy having control or a significant degree of influence on the management of an enterprise that is resident in another economy.

The sixth edition of the International Monetary Fund's Balance of Payments and International Investment Position Manual (IMF, 2009), the Coordinated Direct Investment Survey Guide (IMF, 2009) and other relevant IMF editions provide the methodological framework for compilation of the foreign direct investment data.

This section presents direct investment position statistics broken down between equity and debt, and broken down by economy of direct investor (for inward direct investment) and broken down by direct investment enterprise (for outward direct investment).

Statistical information:

Foreign direct investments abroad for 2010 - 2015:

Foreign direct investments in the reporting economy for 2010 - 2015:

The Coordinated Direct Investment Survey Guide (IMF, 2009):

Information on direct investment in the Republic of Belarus in the framework of the Coordinated Direct Investment Survey


The Coordinated Direct Investment Survey Guide

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