Bank Guarantee 07-G/12-43/15, StatusBank edition

Bank guarantee number 07-G/12-43/15
Date of issue of a bank guarantee 29/12/2017
The effective date of the bank guarantee
The serial number of the amendment and (or) addition
Date of making the amendment and (or) addition
The effective date of changes and (or) amendments made to the text of the bank guarantee
Date of termination of a bank guarantee 30/05/2018
Reasons for termination of a bank guarantee
Actual date of termination of a bank guarantee
Information on the entry into force of a bank guarantee or modifications and (or) amendments made to the text of the bank guarantee, and (or) the validity period of the bank guarantee
Information about the principal ООО «ЕВРОТОРГ», МИНСК, 220099, УЛ. КАЗИНЦА, Д.52А-22, РЕСПУБЛИКА БЕЛАРУСЬ, УНП 101168731
Information about the instructing party
Information about the beneficiary ONTEX CZ S.R.O., VESECKO 491, 51101 TURNOV, CZECH REPUBLIC
Bank guarantee currency Euro
The monetary amount of the bank guarantee (in currency units with an accuracy of 0.01) 400,000.00
Additional information about the bank guarantee
Special purpose Guarantee for non-payment (payment guarantee)
Industry classifier of accessories Other guarantees
Form of issuing a bank guarantee Electronic form
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