Commemorative Banknote Dedicated to the Mir Castle Complex

image description
image description
  • Denomination: 50,000 Rubles
  • Put into circulation on 22 May 2003
  • Issue limit: 1,000 units


Castle in the settlement of Mir,
Korelichi district, Grodno province


Decorative collage of architectural
elements of Mir Castle

The issue of the banknote is dedicated to the addition by UNESCO of the Mir Castle Complex to the World Heritage List.

Banknotes’ serial numbers – "аа 0000001 – аа 0001000".

The commemorative banknote is positioned in a special packing–booklet, a face of which bears: a picture of the Castle of Mir; logos of UNESCO and of the World Heritage List; inscriptions – "National Bank of the Republic of Belarus", "50,000 Rubles", "The Mir Castle Complex", "The World Heritage List". On an inner side of the packing there is a collage assembled from drafts of the Castle of Mir reconstruction (the author – D. Bubnovsky) and from diplomas one of which confirms the quality of restoration works in the Castle and the other one certifies addition of the Mir Castle Complex to the World Heritage List.

The banknotes are legal tender.

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