Commemorative Banknote Dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

  • Put into circulation on 1 December 2010
  • Issue limit: 3,000 units
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Issued to the 20th anniversary of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

Made on the basis of the 20,000 Rubles banknote being in circulation by stamping a hologram at the large coupon field of the banknote with an inscription in four lines: НБ 20 год 1991-2011 (NB 20 years 1991-2011).

Commemorative banknote is placed in special packaging booklet. On the front side are inscriptions: НАЦЫЯНАЛЬНЫ БАНК РЭСПУБЛІКІ БЕЛАРУСЬ, НБРБ (NATIONAL BANK OF THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), (NBRB) and the elements of architectural design of the building of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, with the image of 20,000 Rubles banknote visible through it.

On the inner side of the packaging, the background is filled with the same elements of the architectural design of the building, attached with a clear klemmtasche and commemorative banknote placed in it.

Packaging booklet along with a commemorative banknote is inserted in a gift envelope decorated in similar style with a booklet.

Commemorative banknote "National Bank of the Republic of Belarus. 20 years" issued into circulation with a face value 20,000 rubles is legal tender of the Republic of Belarus must be accepted at face value in all types of payments without any restrictions.

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