Sale Prices for Commemorative Banknotes Put into Circulation by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

Commemorative banknotes of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus are available for sale in the Republic of Belarus only. Dispatch by post within or outside the Republic of Belarus is not provided.

Sale prices for commemorative banknotes published on this page are for reference only.

Information about availability of commemorative banknotes in the National Banks’ cash offices can be obtained at (Russian version).

The National Bank sells the sets of commemorative banknotes to banks and legal persons on selling prices in a cashless manner upon the advanced payment based on the request which is submitted by a bank or legal person and contains the following information:

  • names of sets of commemorative banknotes;
  • quantity;
  • face value;
  • payment details of the buyer; and;
  • delivery method (receipt) of the commemorative banknotes’ sets.

A bank or legal person submits a request for buying sets of commemorative banknotes to the National Bank in hard copy or by fax followed by delivering the original of application by mail.