A gold bullion (investment) coin "Slavic Woman" with denomination of 50 rubles

This coin is the first bullion (investment) coin put into circulation by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus.

The artistic image of a young Slavic woman holding a baby in her arms with two birds of paradise on either side is a universal common Slavic symbol having a deep inner potential. For centuries, such a collective image of a woman with Slavic appearance embodied the beauty, spirit strength, mind and docile nature, purity and spirituality, pride and perseverance in trials of life. The image of a majestic Slavic woman delighted and inspired many poets, writers, artists and composers for creation of cultural masterpieces.

A Slavic woman reflects the idea of a common Slavic contribution to the world treasury of valuables and civilization progress. She declares ancestral general humanitarian values and at the same time in its image emphasizes a strict self-determination of the nation. Moreover, she represents the importance of the Slavic culture, which has strong Christian roots.

The coin is neutral and mature, as well as represents a conglomeration of the images that is not intended for any particular identification with the cultural tradition of one or another Slavic nation.

A bullion (investment) coin "Slavic Woman" is intended for investment and saving. The coin’s value is determined based on the number of precious metals contained therein inclusive of the prevailing prices in the international market of precious metals.

A Gold bullion (investment) coin "Slavic Woman" was put into circulation by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus on Thursday, August 1, 2013

Design: Svetlana Nekrasova (Belarus). Minted by: Valcambi SA (Switzerland)

The coin is round in shape with a raised rim on the obverse and the reverse. The coin’s edge is reeded.

The obverse has: at the top – a circumferential inscription: РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS), in the center – the relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus and; beneath – the year of issue and the denomination: 50 РУБЛЁЎ (50 RUBLES), on the left side – the alloy standard, and on the right side – the coin’s weight.

The reverse has: in the center – the relief half-length portrait of a young Slavic woman holding a baby in her arms with two birds of paradise, which add to the spiritual component of the composition, on either side; and at the top – a circumferential inscription: СЛАВЯНКА (THE SLAVIC WOMAN).

The coin is minted with: denomination of 50 rubles, quality “uncirculated”, alloy standard 999.9, weight 7.78 g, diameter 22.0 mm, issue limit up to 100,000 psc

The coin put into circulation is a legal tender of the Republic of Belarus and is obligatory for acceptance at its face value for all kinds of payments without any restrictions.

Availability (in Russian)
Date Sale price to banks, rubles Sale prices to juridical and natural persons (except banks), rubles Purchase price*, rubles
17/07/2019 768 rubles 00 copecks 782 rubles 63 copecks 712 rubles 15 copecks

* Bullion (investment) coins of the National Bank that do not have defects or have defects not affecting the weight of the bullion (investment) coin are subject to the purchase.