Commemorative coin dedicated to the Belarus – Russia community

Put into circulation on 2 April 1997

Design: Obverse designer: T.Radivilko (Belarus).Reverse designer: A.Baklanov (Russia)
Minted by: Moscow Mint of Goznak, Moscow, Russia
  • Silver, Alloy standard of silver: 900
  • Denomination: 20 rubles
  • Weight of coin, g: 34.56
  • Fine silver content, g: 31.1
  • Quality: "proof"
  • Diameter, mm: 39
  • Mintage, pcs.: 5,000
Sale prices:
  • without box – 37 rubles 42 copecks
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The coin is round. The rim is raised on both sides of the coin. The edge of the coin is corrugated.


within the circular geometric ornament – the relief of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; beneath – year of issue, fine silver content and alloy standard; inscriptions along the rim: "РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ"


in the top right– and left–hand part – the effigy of the State Coat of Arms of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus; in the top central part – inscription in five lines: "ДОГОВОР ОБ ОБРАЗОВАНИИ СООБЩЕСТВА РОССИИ И БЕЛАРУСИ" (AGREEMENT CREATING RUSSIAN–BELARUSIAN COMMUNITY); below in the left–hand part – elements of the panoramic view of Moscow featuring sights of the Kremlin: in the right–hand part – elements of the panoramic view of Minsk featuring the obelisk in Victory Square and the Government House; at the bottom – the date of signing the Agreement "2 АПРЕЛЯ 1996" (APRIL 2, 1996).