Commemorative Coin "EXPA-2010 (EXPO–2010)"

Put into circulation on 10 March 2010

Design: The obverse – S.Nekrasova (Belarus)The reverse – V.Sokol and S.Nekrasova (Belarus)
Minted by: CJSC "Lithuanian Mint", Vilnius, Lithuania
  • Silver, Alloy standard of silver: 925
  • Denomination: 20 rubles
  • Weight of coin, g: 33.62
  • Fine silver content, g: 31.1
  • Quality: "proof"
  • Diameter, mm: 38.61
  • Mintage, pcs.: 5,000
Sale prices:
  • without box – 36 rubles 56 copecks
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The coin is round in shape with a raised rim on the obverse and the reverse. The coin’s edge is grained.


at the top – the relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus; in the center – a geometric composition based on the national floral ornament symbolizing the growth of a city in harmony with the environment that reflects the theme of the EXPO–2010 exhibition: "Better City – Better Life"; circumferential inscriptions – at the top: РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS); at the bottom – the alloy standard, the denomination 20 РУБЛЁЎ (TWENTY RUBLES), and the year of issue.


the images of the most recognizable buildings which had been symbols of international exhibitions in different years and the years in which they were held: The Crystal Palace of the first World Exposition held in London in 1851; the Eiffel Tower of the exhibition held in Paris in 1889; panorama of Shanghai with a recognizable image of the Television Tower where the World Exposition 2010 was held; at the top – circumferential inscriptions in the Belarusian and English languages: ЭКСПА 2010 (EXPO 2010) and EXPO 2010.