Commemorative coin "The Arabic Dance"

Put into circulation on 28 December 2011

Design: S.Nekrasova (Belarus)
Minted by: B.H. Mayer’s Kunstprägeanstalt GmbH, Karlsfeld, Germany
  • Silver, Alloy standard of silver: 925
  • Denomination: 20 rubles
  • Weight of coin, g: 28.28
  • Fine silver content, g: 26.16
  • Quality: "proof", Pad-printed elements are used
  • Diameter, mm: 38.61
  • Mintage, pcs.: up to 6,000
Sale prices:
  • without box – 76 rubles 28 copecks
  • in box – 80 rubles 50 copecks

The coin is round in shape with a raised rim on the obverse and the reverse. The coin’s edge is reeded.


at the top — the relief image of the State Coat of Arms of the Republic of Belarus and a circumferential inscription: РЭСПУБЛIКА БЕЛАРУСЬ (THE REPUBLIC OF BELARUS); in the center — the sign in the form of a spiral with rhythmically recurrent, as if "dancing", elements of the composition consisting of fractals; and at the bottom — the denomination: 20 РУБЛЁЎ (20 RUBLES) with the year of issue on the left side and the alloy standard on the right side.


in the center — two dancing women against an Arabic pattern; and on the left — a circumferential inscription: АРАБСКI ТАНЕЦ (THE ARABIC DANCE).