Catalog of Commemorative Coins Put into Circulation by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus

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Belarus and the World Community

The 60th Anniversary of Liberation of the Republic
of Belarus from the nazi invaders
The 60th Anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic war Tales of the World’s Nations Slavs' Family Traditions Orthodox Saints Sailing Ships Signs of the Zodiac The Three Musketeers Alexander Pushkin's Fairy Tales Operation Bagration Orthodox Churches World of Sculpture Series Orthodox Wonder-working Icons Series Belarus's International Festivals Series Magic of Dance The Solar System Series Chinese Calendar Signs of the Zodiac. 2013 Orthodox Saints’ Lives Series Zodiac Horoscope Orthodox Saints. 2013 Skaryna’s Way

Belarusian History and Culture

Belarusian Cities Belarusian Architectural Monuments Belarusian Festivals and Rites Strengthening and Defending the State Belarusian Folk Legends Belarusian Folk Trades and Crafts Belarus' Faiths Series Belts of Slutsk


Olympic Belarus

Protection of the Environment

Belarusian National Parks and Nature Reserves Belarusian Nature Reserves Bird of the Year Horses Belarusian Flowers Beauty of Flowers Butterflies Revived Plants

My country Belarus

My country Belarus