Correction of Inaccurate Data

Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Credit Histories" dated November 10, 2008 (Russian Only) does not envisage procedures of correction of accurate data, included in the credit histories.

In case of non -consent with the information stored in credit history, it is necessary to apply to the bank/microfinance institution, with which a contract is concluded, or submit an application to the National Bank according to the enclosed forms in either of the following ways:

  • application made on paper is submitted to the National Bank;
  • application made in the electronic form is submitted by means of web-portal of the Credit Register

At the instruction of the National Bank, the data indicated in the application is checked by a bank or a microfinance institution that forms a credit history. In case the data are deemed inaccurate, the credit history is changed. The term of considering an application does not exceed 30 days, during which the credit history contains a note about conducting the check. The National Bank informs an applicant about the results of considering an application.

A credit report requested after the change of inaccurate data included in the credit history on the basis of the application submitted to the National Bank is provided free of charge.

For more information: (8–017) 218-38-80; (8–017) 218-38-81; (8–017) 218-38-93.

Application on including changes and (or) additional information into the credit history for: