Providing credit reports

How to receive a credit report?

Data included in the credit history are provided in the form of credit reports. Providing credit reports is carried out according to the Instruction on the Order of providing data included in the credit history, according to form 2501 "Data included in the credit history", adopted by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus No.291 dated June 22, 2018.

Credit history subject, a natural person, can receive their credit report in the form of an electronic document or in the form of a document on paper.

A credit report is provided to a credit history subject once a year without fee, or unlimited number of times a year for a fee. In case a credit report is provided for a fee, it is necessary to conclude a contract with the National Bank for informational services provision and provide a payment document confirming a fee payment before submitting an application.

To receive a credit report or a National Bank’s notification about the absence of a credit history in the electronic form, one can use the web-portal of the Credit Register To use the portal, one passes the identification in the interbank identification system, having registered in advance at (tel.141), or in the system of remote banking service of Belgazprombank JSC.

If a credit history or a notification about the absence of a credit history is needed on paper, it is handled to a credit history subject (their representative) in person in one of the National Bank’s offices mentioned below, after the application has been submitted according to the established form. In order to receive a credit report or a notification about the absence of a credit history, a subject of a credit history must provide ID, a representative of a subject— ID, and a document confirming authority and concluded in the established order (power of attorney).

List of offices where credit reports are provided

Structural Unit of the National BankAddressTelephone number
Credit Register Department Tolstoy street 6, 220007, Minsk(8 017) 218 38 88, 218 38 93
Brest Region Main Department Lenina str. 9, 224005, Brest(8 0162) 27 48 09, 27 48 08, 27 48 64
Vitebsk Region Main DepartmentLenina str. 17, 210015, Vitebsk(8–0212) 29 74 62, 29 74 30
Mogilev Region Main DepartmentLeninskaya str. 50, 212030, Mogilev8 (0222) 29 93 34, 29 93 61, 29 93 39
Gomel Region Main DepartmentSovetskaya str. 9, 246050, Gomel(8 0232) 75 83 76, 75 82 63
Grodno Region Main DepartmentKarbysheva str. 17, 230023, Grodno(8 0152) 73 78 58, 73 79 02, 73 78 34

Users of credit histories (legal persons who have received the consent of the credit history subject for provision of their credit report by the National Bank) receive credit reports for a fee on the basis of a concluded contract for provision of information services according to the established form.

According to the requirements of Articles 5 and 13 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Credit Histories" dated November 10, 2008:

  • government agencies and officers, excluding courts, authorized enforcement agencies and other persons in cases specified in the legal acts, legal and natural persons have no right to require the credit history from a user and a credit report, received in the National Bank, from a credit history subject;
  • upon the request of a credit history subject, a credit history user shall make it possible for them to get familiar with the contents of their credit report free of charge.