Press release

The National Bank Determined the List of Systemically Important Banks for 2022

The National Bank of the Republic of Belarus determined the List of Systemically Important Banks for 2022 with a view to limiting the risks of banks and non-bank financial institutions, which may influence the stability of functioning of the banking system.

The Group of Systemic Importance I includes JSC "JSSB Belarusbank", JSC "Belagroprombank", "Priorbank" JSC, BPS-Sberbank, Bank BelVEB OJSC, and "Belinvestbank" JSC.

The Group of Systemic Importance II involves Belgazprombank, Alfa-Bank, CJSC VTB Bank (Belarus), JSC "MTBank", "Bank Dabrabyt" JSC.

The banks were attributed to the systemically important ones on the basis of the aggregated assessment of their systemic importance by such indicators as the scope of the banks’ activities, its interrelation with the resident banks, importance to the economy, and interrelation with non-residents. The above-mentioned indicators were calculated in line with Instructions on the Procedures for Determining Systemically Important Banks and Non-bank Financial Institutions approved by Resolution of the Board of the National Bank No.180 dated May 18, 2017.

During 2022, the banks classified as systemically important are to ensure the compliance with the regulatory capital adequacy ratios, the value of which is determined according to the buffer of systemic significance. In addition, the board of directors (supervisory board) at the above-mentioned banks establishes a committee on remuneration from among its members and the bank’s employees headed by an independent director.