Bank Guarantees Register

Due to the necessity of introducing significant changes to the software complex “Register of Bank Guarantees with Elements of Blockchain Technology”, the access to information posted in the register of bank guarantees on the official website of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, as well as the provision of these data through the national automated information system, has been temporarily suspended.

In case of a need to obtain information on the issued bank guarantee, the participants of the warranty relations may clarify it at the issuing bank.

When a bank guarantee is issued in favour of a non-resident of the Republic of Belarus in line with the common global practice, the beneficiary (a person in favour of which the guarantee is issued) may request the information on the bank guarantee, which is needed thereby, at the guaranteeing bank through its servicing bank.

If the bank guarantee is issued in the electronic form, the advising bank (the bank, which transfers the guarantee from the guaranteeing bank to the beneficiary) may request, in case of a need, the information at the guaranteeing bank in line with common banking practice.

Resume of access will be notified of at a later date.