Register of Banking Licenses as at 18/01/2022

(according to Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Amendments and Modifications to the Banking Code of the Republic of Belarus", No. 145–3, dated July 17, 2006)

Open Joint-Stock Company "Paritetbank"

Banking License No. 5, was issued on 01/04/2021

  • attraction of funds from natural and legal persons to accounts and into deposits
  • placement of funds attracted from natural and legal persons to accounts and into deposits on its own behalf and at its own expense on the terms of repayment, interest payment, and maturity
  • opening of bank accounts for natural and legal persons and maintenance thereof
  • provision of cash and settlement services to natural and legal persons, including correspondent banks
  • purchase and sale of foreign exchange
  • purchase and sale of precious metals where provided for by the National Bank
  • issue of bank guarantees
  • trust management of monetary funds under trust agreements
  • issue of bank plastic cards
  • issue of electronic money
  • issue of securities confirming the attraction of monetary funds into deposits and placement thereof on accounts
  • provision of accounts receivable financing (factoring)
  • provision of vaults or strongboxes available therein to natural and legal persons for safekeeping documents and valuables (monetary funds, securities, precious metals and precious stones, etc.)
  • transportation of monetary funds, precious metals, precious stones, and other valuables between banks and non-bank financial institutions, their stand-alone and organizational units, and delivery of such valuables to the customers of banks and non-bank financial institutions