Register of Banking Licenses as at 18/01/2022

(according to Article 3 of the Law of the Republic of Belarus "On Amendments and Modifications to the Banking Code of the Republic of Belarus", No. 145–3, dated July 17, 2006)

Joint-Stock Company "Non-banking Credit and Financial Institution "INCASS.EXPERT"

Banking License No. 34, was issued on 27/08/2020

  • provision of cash and settlement services to legal persons, including correspondent banks
  • purchase and sale of foreign exchange
  • purchase and sale of precious metals and precious stones where provided for by the National Bank
  • collection of cash, precious metals, precious stones, and other valuables
  • provision of vaults or strongboxes available therein to natural and legal persons for safekeeping documents and valuables (monetary funds, securities, precious metals and precious stones, etc.)
  • transportation of monetary funds, precious metals, precious stones, and other valuables between banks and non-bank financial institutions, their stand-alone and organizational units, and delivery of such valuables to the customers of banks and non-bank financial institutions