The EU Twinning Project “Strengthening the National Bank of Belarus”

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EU Twinning Project “Strengthening the National Bank of Belarus” BY 16 ENI FI 01 17

EU-Twinning Partners

Beneficiary Institution

Project Funder:

Project budget:

1,150 million Euro

Main Objectives of the Project

The overall objective of the project is that the NBRB is much better able to address the major challenges that it faces as an independent central bank, thus engendering its citizens’ trust in the currency/ NBRB, and contributing to sustainable growth in the wider economy. Furthermore, the project follows the purpose to build up the NBRB’s capacity to pursue effectively its core responsibilities in terms of monetary policy, financial stability and efficient, reliable, and secure payment systems, whilst managing prudently the financial risks associated with its operations.

Project Components and Aims of Project

News / Press and other media releases


Twinning Newsletter, № 6


Final conference in Minsk reviews the outcomes of the EU Twinning Project "Strengthening the National Bank of Belarus"


The Information and Training Seminar on the Topic "Annual Report on Supervision (Oversight) of the Payment System of the Republic of Belarus" Was Held for Representatives of the Belarusian Mass Media"


Twinning Newsletter, № 5


Roundtable titled "Approaches to the identification of financial service providers’ actions as unfair practices" takes place at the NBRB


Twinning Newsletter, № 4


Information statement "Midterm results of the Twinning project reviewed in a press breakfast at the National Bank of Belarus"


Twinning Newsletter, № 3


Press release "Progress in Implementing the TWINNING Project was Discussed at the Meeting with the EU Parliament Delegation"


Expert forum "EU Practices in Financial Consumer Protection and their Relevance for Belarus"


National Bank of Belarus hosts an expert forum on payment systems


Twinning Newsletter, № 2


A training workshop on financial stability has been conducted as a part of the EU Twinning project in Belarus


Twinning Newsletter, № 1


A 3-day seminar on Payment Systems was held within the framework of the EU Twinning Project


EU twinning project "Strengthening the National Bank of Belarus" featured in a photo exhibition


Press release "A kick-off conference of the EU Twinning project "Strengthening the National Bank of Belarus" takes place in Minsk"


Press release "The Contract "Strengthening the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus" for implementing a Twinning project financed by the European Union was signed today"

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